What we do

J. Soares combines the most advanced technology and a multidisciplinary team to effectively execute the most challenging projects.


We have expert knowledge and experience to execute every jewellery piece


We guarantee the most effective response for each project


We have innovative equipment and state-of-the-art technology


We work with all the noble metals and different karats (9kt., 14kt.,18kt.)

1. Design

Our designers develop tailor-made projects for each client, as well as our own collections

2. Laser cutting and Engraving

We have the highest technology of laser cutting and engraving that allows us to accurately draw any shape

3. Manual Process - Foundry

4. Manual Process - Lamination

5. Manual Process - Welding

6. Manual Process - Threads

7. Microfusion

Through the lost wax casting (microfusion) we reproduce any shape in large scales

8. Stone Setting

We have experienced stone setting artisans with high precision skills

9. 3D Printing and Prototyping

We create 3D printing projects and prototypes

10. Wax Carving

We have skilled wax carving artisans that allow us to reach different textures and shapes

11. Fine Jewellery - Assembling

12. Fine Jewellery - Manufacture

13. Fine Jewellery - Stone Selection

14. Fine Jewellery - Microscopy Cravings

15. Fine Jewellery - Leisure Welding

16. Fine Jewellery - Finishing and Polishing

17. Fine Jewellery - Bath Preparation

18. Fine Jewellery - Quality Control

19. Fine Jewellery - Service and Maintenance

We guarantee life-long satisfaction of our customers and a qualified maintenance service